Learning Sant Mat Meditation in the USA

The practice of meditation on the inner spiritual light and sound, Sant Mat, has been taught to tens of thousands of people from all walks of life in the United States.

There are many ongoing classes and events by representatives of Sant Baljit Singh geared towards those seeking an introduction to both the practice and the theory behind it. These classes are offered in the spirit of service to others and are always free of charge to all.

Meditation groups gather on a weekly basis in many cities and towns from Southern California to Maine, from Florida to Alaska (and Hawaii!). These meditation groups provide new meditators a wonderful opportunity to meditate along with others who have already found the benefits of the meditation and to find community in its practice.


Information about Sant Mat

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Sant Baljit Singh

Sant Baljit Singh

Spiritual Master

What is Sant Mat?

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Sant Mat Community

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"Step into the wide-open cosmos and start a new way of life. Lose yourself in the love of God And become enchanted with him. There is only one purpose in life. Once you absorb yourself in his love you will have no reason to leave his lap. The truth is within, not outside."
— Sant Baljit Singh

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